Lookafter is a local Eye Vitamin Gummy start-up that wants to bring attention to eye health in this digitalised world through nutrition. Our Eye Vitamin Gummies are packed with Lutein and Zeaxanthin goodness to help nourish tired & dry eyes from long screen hours and support overall eye health.

Studies have shown that Lutein and Zeaxanthin help to protect our eyes against excessive exposure to harmful blue light and may also help to boost our visual processing speed for better reaction time.

We’re more than the usual gummies, #wegotchew.

Made in Germany. Founded in Singapore.

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Terms & Conditions

1. Shipping fees are based on Lookafter Official Website‘s shipping terms.

2. Discount is exclusive to xxx members.

3. Discount is valid till 31st December 2022

4. Lookafter reserves the rights to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.